Role of Medical Diagnosis in Car Accident Claims

If you have been injured in an accident and you require car accident claims compensation, you should be aware of the importance of a firm medical diagnosis to support your claim. Unfortunately, many people’s first thought after sustaining a mild injury in an accident is not the future car accident claims case. Often, with adrenaline running high, victims do not even realise that they have sustained an injury until many hours later.For more information, visit their website at read more here.

However, if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident, it is important to seek medical treatment immediately, no matter how mild the accident seems to have been. If the accident ultimately does not manifest as an injury, you have lost nothing, however, if you do end up with damage, immediate medical attention will provide you with a firm basis for diagnosis and help to prove that you have suffered harm and adverse consequences.

Even minor car crashes can result in injuries which require you to seek compensation through car accident claims. Whiplash and retinal detachment are two extremely common injuries that crop up in car crash claims – here’s how to spot them and why prompt medical diagnosis is so important:

Retinal detachment -This is a dangerous injury exactly because it can take a little time to reveal itself. Until it becomes severe you may not even realise there is a need to lodge a claim. Symptoms include blurry vision, seeing ‘flashes’ and the appearance

of floaters or ‘curtains’ around your field of vision. Even if you don’t notice any change at the time of the accident, it is very important that you get checked over by a doctor as retinal detachment must be promptly surgically treated to prevent permanent loss of vision. If you experience any blurred vision whatsoever after your accident, or if you are in any way unsure then it is vital that you consult a doctor. If you have the condition diagnosed promptly after the accident, it is far easier to make compensation claims.

Whiplash -Whiplash is a common injury that features prominently in car accident claims, however the system that deals with whiplash claims is set to be tightened up. Claimants will soon need to produce a clear medical diagnosis of whiplash caused by the accident in question. A prompt diagnosis is therefore pivotal when it comes securing the compensation you deserve through car accident claims. The symptoms of whiplash range from very mild to very severe and can include neck pain and limited movement which can seriously affect your day-to-day life and even your ability to work. If you are affected by whiplash it is crucial that you win the compensation you need in car accident claims.

What to Do If Your Tooth Gets Knocked Out

Everyone’s having fun until someone gets their tooth knocked out, right? If you’ve had a serious collision and lost a tooth, you’re going to need immediate dental action in order to get that tooth back… and this is where an Ottawa emergency dentist comes in. If the tooth you’ve lost is a baby tooth, then no need to worry, as you would have lost it at some point anyway. If you’ve lost a permanent tooth however, then this is more problematic, and you need to fix the issue as quickly as possible. You should also realize that if you’ve been hit in the face hard enough to knock out your tooth, you could have cracked your jaw bone as well. What’s important here is finding an emergency dentist in Ottawa if you’ve suffered a serious dental injury.

If you’ve lost a tooth, you’ll ideally find it right away, clean it with your saliva, and put it right back in its “socket”. Put the tooth back where it belongs, and then you should lightly clamp down on a damp cloth. This will not only help to hold your tooth in its proper place, but will help to stop any bleeding as well. Get this done as quickly as you can, and then on your way to an emergency Ottawa dentist immediately. If you can’t put your tooth back where it came from, you should keep it wet until you get to your dentist in Ottawa. A good solution is to place it in a glass of milk as you find your way to your dentist. If your own Ottawa dentist doesn’t do emergencies, then you should find an emergency Ottawa dental clinic as soon as possible. I strongly suggest you to visit tips for saving a tooth that falls out to learn more about this.

At the absolute worst, you won’t be able to find your knocked out tooth. Before you leave the area however, take a quick look around, check your mouth, and even check in your clothes. If you can’t find your tooth then you should still get to your dentist in Ottawa to see if you’ve fractured your jaw. You’ll have a few different options in replacing your tooth. Losing a tooth can be a serious issue… it can lead to infection, disease, a stiff jaw, severe pain, and so on. If you so happen to be in this situation, heed the above advice, and get yourself to an emergency dentist in Ottawa as quickly as you can, and try to find the best emergency dentist Ottawa has to offer.

How To Process Your Car Accident Claim Properly


The firm you hired will investigates all aspects of the accident, and your damages. When possible, witness statements are taken, and reports are acquired. If necessary, experts are hired to prove the defendants was at fault. All necessary reports, records and bills are obtained to prove the nature and extent of the damages. Much of the information is gathered through the use of specialized forms sent to you, witnesses, and doctors. Check out what steps ensure your car accident claim is properly handled.


They will monitor your medical treatment, and if necessary will refer you to a medical provider near you, who will treat you on a lien basis if you do not have medical insurance. Once you are finished with medical treatment, firm will request that your doctor provide a narrative report that will assist us in negotiating and resolving your case.


The firm communicates information while handling your case through secure email, fax, correspondence, and court pleadings and forms. Documents may be sent to you, insurance companies, witnesses, doctors, employers, Courts, or other persons or companies requiring information. We use high speed computers, laser printers, and state of the art equipment to increase productivity while keeping cost to a minimum.


Most members of the firm are experts in all or certain aspects of processing your claim. The functions that are usually necessary to process a claim are: 1. Gathering information (investigators); 2. Negotiation (Lawyers) and, 3. Litigation (Trail Lawyers). Each member is extensively trained in the their area of expertise to obtain the best possible results for you in your case. A Legal Assistant is responsible for communications with you and solving all problems not requiring the intervention of a lawyer. Under the supervision of Mr. Fernandez, the Negotiator places a value on the claim, presents the claim to the insurance company, responds to defenses and settles the claim with your consent. Negotiations begin as soon as the you retain the firm and ends when the claim is completed.


The firm has trial lawyers who experts in taking cases that do not settle to trial. The trial may be a bench or jury trial, arbitration or mediation. An arbitration is similar to a trial except a retired judge or lawyer decides the case. Mediation is the process of placing the claim before an independent retired judge or lawyer who helps to resolve the case without witnesses testifying. While very few cases are actually litigated, (most cases are settled) the trial lawyers and their support staff are specially trained to prepare the case for trial, arbitration or mediation.