How To Clean Hardwood Floors-Facts

Hardwood flooring requires different cleaning and care than tile or laminate floors require. Before you buy hardwood flooring for your home you must learn all of the cleaning and care these surfaces need so that you can decide if you want to get them or not. Hardwood flooring adds warmth and beauty to your home. It also increases the property value of the home. It also increases the amount of care you have to perform to keep your home looking attractive.

Hardwood flooring should be installed by professional installers so that the boards are properly spaced. The boards will swell and shrink according to the temperature in the room and to minimize the size of the spaces between the boards you should have a professional do your installation. These floors require that you sweep them on a daily basis to remove small pieces of debris, and to remove sand. Sand and debris can scratch the finish on these floors, so it is best if you use a dust mop to sweep them with. A straw broom can miss some of the dirt and the straws that make up the broom can scratch the finish on the boards. Scratches may require sanding to remove them from the surface of the board.

You should wet mop these floors at least once every two weeks. You must be very careful to wring all of the excess moisture out of the mop so that you apply as little water as possible to the surface of the floor. Too much water can actually cause the flooring to warp over time. You need to use as little moisture as you can while cleaning the boards. Spills need to be cleaned up immediately because the liquid from a spill will cause the waxy varnish on the boards to become milky in appearance. To prevent having to strip the varnish from the floor you need to clean up spills as soon as they happen. this content how to clean hardwood floors

These floors will periodically need buffing to enhance the shine. Some people apply more wax to increase the shine on the boards. You will more than likely be doing this once every three months in high traffic areas of the home. When the floors start to look really bad you can have the varnish stripped off of them and replaced. This will only be done about once every five to ten years, but eventually the varnish will need to be removed and new varnish will need to be applied.